i don’t have time for people who put the words “used to” before the words “like pokemon” 

Last Lines; Harry Potter books


looking at the first page of a math test



can we just.


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This film follows the journeys of three plus-size models as they struggle against the distorted perception of body image that is being perpetuated in people’s minds. These women share their personal experiences of challenges and successes to help empower themselves and others to eradicate the currently held standards of beauty. In addition to being successful models they are also driven to make a positive impact in the world.

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Repeat after me:
My body is not wrong, or ugly, too big or too thin, too pale or too dark, too broken or too strong. It is the vessel of a precious life and that is enough.

Reblog if you believe fat girls have every right to wear cropped tops as slim girls do


Next time you think “I’m fat’ remember that everyone is fat. As well as water, muscle, bones and skin. That is what our bodies are made of and it tells nothing about the person you are. Why is fat even a bad thing? Nobody would say “I’m so water” or “I’m so skin” so stop stressing about a part of your body.


yo momma so fat she wears whatever she wants and she looks really awesome and I can tell she’s really happy with her body so nobody should say a damn thing because she’s got confidence and she is ROCKING it you go momma continue being fierce